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Guide To The Patient Portal

The patient portal is a fabulous tool for you. It is easy to use and allows you to schedule appointments, securely send me a message, pay your bill, and access documents. For those who would like a reference manual, here it is.

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To schedule an appointment, update your information or insurance, or ask a question, access the HIPAA- secure portal here:


Patient Portal

Here are forms that I use and have been helpful to others.

  • AMEN ADULT GENERAL SYMPTOM CHECKLIST – This is a good checklist of the most frequent symptoms  seen in people who are seeking help.

  • GENERAL SYMPTOMS CHILD & ADOLESCENT – This is a good checklist of symptoms most often seen in children and adolescents seeking help.

  • 18 Question ADHD-ASRS – This is a great screen for adults wondering if they have ADD. Do you think you may have ADD that was never diagnosed in childhood?  Take this quiz and see.

  • POST PARTUM ASSESSMENT – Do you worry about feeling blue after having your baby?  Try this assessment.

  • BI-POLAR DISORDER FACTS – This is a good fact sheet on Bi-Polar Disorder.

  • MOOD TRACKER – This is a good chart to track mood swings if you are newly diagnosed with BPAD or wondering if your mood swings are unusual.

  • MAST – Are you worried about your drinking or drug use? take this test to see if you may be at risk for developing a dependency.

  • SAST – The is a screen for sexual addiction authored by Patrick Carnes, PhD.  While the internet has been a blessing, it has become a curse for some.  It has allowed too easy an access to pornography and sexual chat rooms, fueling sexual addictions.


Here are books that have been helpful to others.  I will be adding more as I hear about them, so check back. The titles are linked to where you can purchase the books, so it is even easier to get what you need.

The Man’s Guide To Women by John Gottman, PhD., Julie Gottman, PhD, Douglas Abrams, and Rachel Abrams, MD.  Men, are you wondering what makes women tick? Here it is! The book that is your guide to successfully living and having a wonderful love relationship with a woman. It is based on 40 years of research from my favorite marital researcher, and it is fun to read! What? You don’t read? Well, it is your lucky day! It is on audio book, as well!mans guide

Web Sites

These are different sites that have good information, and have been recommended by others.  Check back often as I will be adding them as I go along.

  • This is a great site to help divorced, separated, and step-families to learn how to handle situations concerning the children and give them a healthy childhood.

  • This is a great site for organizing your life.

  •  This is a super site for looking at actual brain scans of healthy and unhealthy brains.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Diary app for android cbt journalThis is an app for your android phone where you can keep a thought journal.  Instead of carrying around paper, use this.  It has prompts to help you, and when you are finished, you can send your therapist a copy.  This is available for the iPhone, as well.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Diary for PC – This is the desktop version of the android app.  This allows you to do your thinking logs on your computer.  There are prompts to help you, great articles, and you can send it to your happy therapist to review!

  • Mood Tracker for Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, PC –  If you are having issues with depression or mania, a mood tracker is essential.  This will help you learn your mood swings and help you take control of your life, versus being controlled by your moods.  You can save the entries and graph them out to take to your physician and therapist.  Clients who have used this have reported marked improvements in their lives.

  • Another Great Mood Tracker  – This is another mood tracker that clients like.  There are all sorts of articles to help you as well.

  • – Challenging Our Minds runs over the internet in your web browser. It is designed as a thinking skills enhancement program for all children (our research included impaired, average and gifted children) from third grade on up but it could be used for adults with cognitive impairment or even those adult individuals who just want to enhance their cognitive skills.  The Albert Einstein speaker is a bit dated, but do not let that keep you away.  These are fun and evidenced based.

  • – A great site where you can get apps for cognitive skill enhancement.

  • My Brain Solutions – A good site for apps that help build facial recognition and social skills.  This could be very helpful for the Asperger’s child or teen.  Adults can benefit as well.

  • SMART Recovery SMART handbookA great sight for those wishing to overcome addictions.  It is a cognitive-behavioral/ Rational-Emotive Alternative to AA/NA.  This is NOT moderate drinking.  Like AA, abstinence is the goal.  This approach works well with any addictive type behavior to include gambling, shopping, and eating addictions.

  • Smoking Cessation App  – great app for quitting and staying quit.

  • – The go-to site for all of the Gottman card decks, books, and training programs. Sign up for the blog, as well!

  • Most couples never talk about sex, passion, and intimacy, yet they are unhappy with their connection. Here is a great video program to strengthen the sex, love and passion in your relationship, from my favorite researchers, the Gottmans. You have 40 years of research into what does work presented to you in a fun and loving way.