The Real Cost Of Accepting Credit Cards Unless You Use Square

here will be 2 posts tonight!  I thought this would be an opportunity to provide hard numbers to small business men and women everywhere to see how much Square really does save you.  What many of you do not know is that I am a big math and science nerd.  I went through Cal II […] Read more »

Great Quit Smoking App on Google Play

any people have a hard time quitting smoking.  It is not much fun,and they don’t see what the great reward is, except that they may live a few more years.  Feeling that badly, that does not seem like a good deal.  This app allows someone trying to quit to have an idea of more tangible […] Read more »

Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help – Android Apps on Google Play

ere is a great app for you to try!  A client asked for a cognitive journal app so he did not have to carry paper everywhere.  I did not think one existed and was thinking of how to build one, when I found this one.  It has wonderful prompts for you to catch the thought […] Read more »

Don’t Believe Everything You Think | SMART Recovery®

ere is a super link of an article from Smart Recovery.  I have had clients that want to stay sober, but AA does not work for them for whatever reason.  This is a cognitive  based program that emphasizes choice and self control.  This is for abstinence only program – not moderate drinking.  They have all […] Read more »

Great Book for Anxious Kids

Here is a great book to help kids not worry so much.  It is based on Cognitive-Behavioral and done in a great way that kids can understand! Jerry Wilde  is an excellent author of this fun book.  He also has books for stress management, anger and depression.  His books address the actual thought process to […] Read more »