Weight Does Affect Your Cancer Risk

So, I have been happening upon numerous articles speaking of the importance of aerobic exercise for mental health, and all of the benefits for the brain. This goes for food too. A poor diet will not support cognitive health. Erratic insulin levels wreak havoc on mood stability and mental functioning.  Well, it turns out, overeating creates another major risk – cancer. While at my physician’s office for my annual mammogram (Hopefully, you are doing these, as a mammogram saved my life, and could save yours), I noticed a flyer posted about the links to overweight and cancer. It has as huge a causal factor as smoking does.  Thank you Dr. Beatty for being so kind as to share the handout with me, so I could share it with everybody else. Here it is.This is so important, the mind-body connection. that I will be writing a number of posts over the coming weeks, about the importance of exercise and diet for mental health, and why. Stay tuned!

Supplements that Could Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes – Healthy Concepts with a Nutrition Bias

This is a great article on addiction, and how it affects the brain. It does go one to list some supplements that can help heal the brain. What really angered me in this article is that the companies producing cigarettes have steadily been INCREASING the amount of nicotine in each cigarette (not your daddy’s cigarettes), guaranteeing higher and quicker addiction rates, and deliberately administering a known toxin that really does kill people through primary  and secondary ingestion (second hand smoke). To me, this seems criminal. If you, or a loved one, struggles with nicotine addiction, or addiction of any sort, this article will be of interest for you.

As we get closer to the end of the year, many of us will be thinking about resolutions. Personal goals regarding our health and wellness are by far the most common. And sure to be on the top of many New Year’s resolution lists will be quitting smoking. It’s a good promise […]

Source: Supplements that Could Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes – Healthy Concepts with a Nutrition Bias

TED Talk – Why You Think You Are Right, Even When You Are Wrong, or, How To Consider Another Perspective.

Here is a great TED Talk on Perspective, and why we have such a difficult time considering another person’s point of view. If we go with the soldier mindset, we will probably worsen the argument. The scout seeks to understand, is intellectually curious, and is willing to consider new information, to see what is really there. This is the better way to go in problem solving with your partner. Be the scout, not the soldier when it comes to resolving differences with your mate, your children, or coworkers.