ADHD and Spending Money | ADHD Millennial

This article from Psych Central reminded me of ADD in adulthood. As you may or may not know, people do not grow out of ADD in adulthood. They may have the inappropriate, impulsive behavior under control, somewhat, but here is a classic manifestation of the impulse control and novelty issue – overspending.

People with ADD/ADHD are attracted to novelty – anything new or different – and they tend to jump into a new hobby, or interest with 110%. For hobbies and interests, this means buying everything they can for that activity. Then, the novelty wears off, and they slack off, or abandon the interest, leaving them with bills, and clutter.

What to do? Put things on hold at stores for 24 hours, then walk away. The next day, if you do not come back, thy will put it back. Usually, this curbs our impulsive behavior. On eBay, use the watch list, and get away from the computer! The same goes for Amazon and other shopping sites. Use the cart, and walk away for 24 hours. You will end up taking things out of the cart.

Another tip? Do not carry credit cards. In fact, don’t open one to start with. “He is borrows money is a slave to the lender.” Credit cards are not free money; they are unsecured loans with awful interest, some up to 25%, and it is compound interest, meaning you end up paying way more than the original price.

What are some tricks you use?

Source: ADHD and Spending Money | ADHD Millennial