Weight Does Affect Your Cancer Risk

So, I have been happening upon numerous articles speaking of the importance of aerobic exercise for mental health, and all of the benefits for the brain. This goes for food too. A poor diet will not support cognitive health. Erratic insulin levels wreak havoc on mood stability and mental functioning.  Well, it turns out, overeating creates another major risk – cancer. While at my physician’s office for my annual mammogram (Hopefully, you are doing these, as a mammogram saved my life, and could save yours), I noticed a flyer posted about the links to overweight and cancer. It has as huge a causal factor as smoking does.  Thank you Dr. Beatty for being so kind as to share the handout with me, so I could share it with everybody else. Here it is.This is so important, the mind-body connection. that I will be writing a number of posts over the coming weeks, about the importance of exercise and diet for mental health, and why. Stay tuned!