Still Face Experiment: Dr. Edward Tronick – YouTube


This is a very powerful video concerning attachment. As adults, we react the same way as the child when out love attachment is threatened; we just appear more sophisticated about it. When we feel we are losing our partner, or that they are not responding to us, we engage in all the little behaviors they liked before, such as smiling, dressing up for them, cooking their favorite meal, taking them out to dinner, buying little gifts, etc. When that does not work, we reach for them, with questions about their day, where are the going, who is with them. Jealousy may raise its ugly head. If that does not work, the protest scream occurs – harsh startups, criticism, yelling, arguing. Just as the baby in this video, if the need is not met, eventually, the person turns away, defeated. When this occurs, and there is no repair, the end of the relationship is imminent, if intervention is not sought.