CDC Features – Excessive Drinking Costs U.S. $223.5 Billion

ere is an article concerning drinking.  This is not alcoholism – this is heavy drinking when someone does choose to drink.  This is the person who “only drinks on weekends” or does not drink every day.  Maybe you call it “buzzed,” “cutting loose,” or “hanging out with the guys/gals.”  Binge drinking is more than 4 […] Read more »

Sad Story: Doctors Going Broke

came across this story this morning.  It is quite concerning that physicians are going broke and cannot help indigent patients.  One person states that doctors are bad businessmen, but doctors do not want to view people as commodities or bill payers.  They are in it to help people. I thought it was sad when one […] Read more »

How to send email to a phone « SMS 411

k – this is not a therapeutic message, but I found it to be stress relieving today! I needed to send an email receipt to my son’s cell phone.  He does not have a data plan.  I frantically tried everything, and then looked on-line when nothing worked.  This was an older post, so I tried […] Read more »