I like to give credit where credit is due.  Even though this is not a counseling topic,per se, it is part of streamlining a busy life.  Are you a business owner – small or large –  wanting a simple, inexpensive, customizable interface  with Google calendar?  Do you want clients to be able to book appointments with you?  Would you like to ditch a big and bulky planner?  Would you love something close to a receptionist?  Search no more.  I found it with YouCanBook.Me.  This is a company out of England.  They have super customer service (They answered an email I sent on a Sunday on that Sunday; I wasn’t expecting an answer that quickly!), customizable forms and are very open to suggestions.  I am happily using it and clients seem to like it quite a bit.  Try it for yourself if you need a scheduler!  Click the link!