Psychotherapy Boosts Happiness More Than Money!

I was reading some professional sites and came across this nugget of information!  According to US News and World Report, therapy is better than money in boosting happiness!  Addressing and resolving issues is better for you in the long run.  Spending $1300 for treatment is equivalent to getting a $41,542.00 dollar raise!  When is the last time you were offered a $41,000 raise?  Think of a former situation where you stayed for money, or bills, and then decided to take less money money and leave.  You may have been broke, not had as nice of a house or car, but you felt great.  This seems to prove the old saying, sanity is better than money!  Here is the link and blurb I found at

Study: Psychotherapy Can Boost Happiness More Than Money | US News & World Report | November 18, 2009

“Researchers analyzed data on thousands of people who provided information about their mental well-being and found that the increase in happiness from a $1,329 course of therapy was so significant that it would take a pay raise of more than $41,542 to achieve an equal boost in well-being.”